Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Step by step how to create a Collapsible Panel with the Twitter Bootstrap

        By Carmel Schvartzman

In this tutorial we'll learn how to create a Collapsible Panel with the Twitter Bootstrap. The Twitter Bootstrap includes many components and widgets for you to import to your web page with a minimal effort and with proved responsiveness and well design, which can be displayed on a responsive grid system that scales up to 12 <div>s columns, and adapts itself to the mobile or tablet device when size decreases.
Bootstrap is the more widely used and more popular CSS3 open source framework for developing responsive web apps,  making front-end web design very fast and easy.

We suppose here that you have already installed the Twitter Bootstrap in your MVC app. If you don't, learn  in this tutorial how to install it in just 2 minutes

In just 5 minutes we'll build a responsive web page using a Collapsible Panel  with the Twitter Bootstrap , with no effort at all:

The Twitter Bootstrap can be reached & downloaded from the Bootstrap official site : Bootstrap :

Create an HTML web page or an MVC View, but make sure to load the CSS and the .js jQuery scripts in the page:

Now we'll keep COPYING-PASTING HTML markup from the Bootstrap official web site, to reuse it on our web page.


Go to the Bootstrap and copy the Panel markup :

Do the same with the Collapse markup at the Plugins tab of the Twitter Bootstrap web site:

Then paste it inside your MVC View or your HTML file, putting the button inside the Header of the Panel:

Save & refresh the web page :
Press the button to see the Panel appear, and press again to toggle it:

The panel starts growing, until it reaches its full size:

That's all!!  In this tutorial we've learned how to create a Collapsible Panel with the Twitter Bootstrap. There are more components, and there will be many more in the future. This tutorial does not intends to survey all components, but give you the tools for you to continue exploring them on your own.
Happy programming.....

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