Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Step by step how to add a Bootstrap Dropdown Button Bootdey snippet in Asp.Net MVC

        By Carmel Schvartzman

In this tutorial we'll learn how to add a Twitter Bootstrap Dropdown Button Bootdey snippet in  Asp.Net MVC in 5 minutes. The Twitter Bootstrap includes many very useful components and also a responsive grid system that scales up to 12 <div>s columns, and adapts itself to the device when size decreases.
Bootstrap is the more widely used and more popular CSS3 framework for developing responsive web apps,  making front-end web design very fast and easy.
Bootdey creates very useful and reusable FREE CSS snippets, and you can browse to Bootdey's web site to find many others components for use.
We suppose here that you have already installed the Twitter Bootstrap in your MVC app. If you don't, learn  in this tutorial how to install it in just 2 minutes.

We'll build a responsive web page using the Dropdown Button  Bootdey snippet built on the Twitter Bootstrap with no effort at all:

We'll COPY-PASTE the Dropdown Menu Widget , so go to the Bootdey web site:

Search for the Dropdown Button Widget :

Copy the HTML markup :

And paste it inside the HTML file:

Remember always to add the links for the TWO js files containing the jQuery & the Bootstrap code:

Now we need to create a .js file and copy-paste the javascript code into it:

Don't forget to import the .js file into your html file:

Finally, refresh the page to get the Dropdown Button .That's all you need to get this nice screen:

That's all!!  In this tutorial we've learned how to add a Bootstrap Dropdown Button Bootdey snippet in  Asp.Net MVC in 5 minutes.
Happy programming.....

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