Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How to send an HTTP DELETE Request to a RESTful ODataController Web API Service using Postman

In this post we'll learn Step by step how to send an HTTP DELETE Request to a RESTful ODataController Web API Service using Postman
We'll use Postman to test a RESTful OData Web API application, sending an HTTP DELETE request. We'll use a working OData Web API ODataController  built in a previous tutorial,   and we'll delete a record using  Postman :

How to send an HTTP DELETE Request to a RESTful ODataController Web API Service using Postman

In order to get Postman installed ,  go to the Chrome Tools >> Extensions   ,  search for "Postman" and install the App .

HTTP DELETE Request to a RESTful ODataController Web API with Postman

Now let's see how to call the OData Web API to delete an item :   in order to setup  the ODataController , there will be an ODataModelBuilder at the "Register" method called from the Global.asax file : it's important that the EntitySet name MUST be the same name of the Controller   , therefore we'll look for a "NotesController"  at the application :

Because there is a route prefix set ( "ODataV4" ) ,  we'll also append it to the URL : 

At the ODataController ,  we check for the "Delete" action method , since we're sending an HTTP DELETE request :

Why are we checking this ? Because we want to know what is ODataController method expecting : in our case , it expects a URI which must include an integer "key" ID  ( "[FromODataURI]" ) .  

The Port of the application can be extracted from the Web tab at the application properties:

Put all of this together , and you have the URI for the DELETE request : 

"http://localhost:21435/ODataV4/Notes(6)" :

Important : OData is case sensitive : therefore , if you type "notes" instead of "Notes" , you will not obtain any data.

After setting the URI and the DELETE method , write the "Content-Type" header :

Send the request :

The request details can be seen this way :

In the meantime , the ODataController at the RESTful WebAPI have handled the request with the ID in the ODataURI : 

The action method renders a response with code 410 "GONE" , to express that the record has been deleted , and Postman exposes it : 

That's all... 
In this tutorial we've learned how to send an HTTP DELETE Request to a RESTful  ODataController Web API Service using Postman.
Happy programming.....
      By Carmel Shvartzman
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