Monday, September 22, 2014

How to deploy your application on a FREE web host with 000webhost

In this tutorial we see step by step how to deploy your application on a free web host with 000webhostIf your web site is not really big, you can manage with no need of any extra FTP software like Filezilla , and you could get away using the built in file manager of 000webhost. Here we'll see how you can deploy your web site with exclusively free software.
It's important to realize that 000webhost supports PHP at back end , so if your site is a Web Service's client , OData client, WCF web client and so on, you are invited to use this outstanding 000webhost FREE web hosting. But if your site is, you will have to learn this another tutorial instead, because 000webhost does not support
Go to 000webhost and set a FREE account , opening "Order Now" :

how to deploy your application on a free web host with 000webhost

how to deploy your application on a free web host with 000webhost

Setup a DOMAIN :
deploy your application on a free web host with 000webhost

Next , go to "List Accounts" , to open the File Manager and upload your web site , and click on "Go to CPanel" : 

Then at the CPanel , click "Another File Manager" : 

Inside your web site, the place for your files is in the "public_html" directory. Therefore,  open it and upload your files there , creating any folders that you will need : 

Create the folders that you need , and upload all the web site files :

If your application is not big , you won't need any FTP application, but if that not the case, Filezilla or SmartFTP would be useful.

That's all!! 
We learned how to deploy  a web site on a free web hosting with 000webhost. If you need to learn about fixing a bug on your free hosted web site, see the following tutorial : "Fixing a bug in your deployed application".
Happy programming.....

      by Carmel Schvartzman

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